Rodenstock Roadshow 2012

Rodenstock1Rodenstock fabricates and sells innovative high quality glass. The event agency Panta Rhei planned the event, and designed together with Move Your Brand and Expo-Driver a Roadshow for Rodenstock, that would gather the whole Rodenstock concept into one. Advising, refraction, order and sale, after-sales and even more. The mobile concept visited 28 cities in Germany over 8 weeks.

Rodenstock choose a mobile sales drive to support the company's vision to create and sell the most innovative product solutions. In this way the opticians of the company helped with guidance and counseling to the perfect glasses. Along with this, Rodenstock also sat focus on the innovative technology EyeLT®, which helps people to take 100% advantages of their sight.

The trailer from Move Your Brand and Expo-Driver created the perfect universe to retain existing customers and furthermore to invite potential customers inside. Do you realize the possibilities a exhibition trailer allows? Contact Expo-Driver and hear more about it.