Lauritz Knudsen Roadshow 2011

IMG 4246Schneider Electric and Lauritz Knudsen selected a show trailer from Move Your Brand and Expo-Driver as turning point for a common roadshow called “kanalrundfart” with 25 stops in total. “Kanalrundfart” came from the theme for the roadshow, which were cabling and canals. With the trailer from Expo-Driver, could the two companies invite electricians and merchants inside for an inspiring meeting with the latest products.

The trailer was a type M showroom, which could be transformed into an office environment. With the wish of inspiring the visitors as well as update them with the latest knowledge the show trailer was decorated with demonstrations of solutions and features, that turned out to be a very efficient presentation form.

The exhibition trailer was, according to the product manager Henrik Pedersen a great opportunity to show the comprehensiveness of the company's assortment and also show the connection between the many products, which the company develop and produces.

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