Atea Roadshow 2010

atea1Atea is a specialist in it-infrastructure and employs more than 1500 employees just in Denmark. The company contacted Expo-Driver in connection with the launch of new products, where they made a cooperation with one of Expo-Drivers many reliable business partners. The roadshow lasted for 2 days and the purpose was to visit two of Ateas offices, where more than 100 people stopped by and were inspired by the new products. With the roadshow, Atea achieved several bonuses, for example did the visitors get a greater knowledge of the company and its wide palette of products and services.

The trailer was a type M show trailer, which were designed in accordance with the company's message. Atea is an example of, that not only is the trailer efficient compared with a long term event, but also efficient for short trips or fairs. Contact Expo-Driver and get a non-committal offer on your company's next sales drive.